Friday, February 24, 2017

2016 Christmas Carnival

In the midst of one thousand and one things to do around Christmas time, visiting the Carnival just seemed to be one of those that we never miss every year. There might just be ONE visit for the whole year, but there has to be ONE.
The fact that the Carnival occupy a prime location right next to our daily route to Daddy's office must have played a big part. Ha!

Daddy gave it a miss last year, but this Mama still have TWO excited little girls to escort, so off we went, to the carnival, to the carnival!

To start things moving, we started with the Carousel. It was quite a tame ride, and always seemed to be a hit with kids.
Upik was big enough to ride her own horse, next to her Big Sis.
This Mama tagged along, ostensible to take care of them, but seriously, Mama was more interested in getting good pictures.

We found Jessica (whose car we saw at the parking lot) just as the carousel ride was stopping. So she tagged along with us for the rides.

We had to take the 'ski lift', for pictures, if nothing else. Somehow, I think the big Girls got some extra thrill of riding in their own gondola sans an adult.

Next stop, flying through the stars!

4 rides were just about the number that this Mama could handle. In any case, we didn't find any other rides that suited ALL the kids, so we settled on trying our luck with the throwing giant darts (sorry, no pics) and grabbing some unhealthy snacks. We went home early since it was a Sunday rather than a weekend night.

This Mama had fun, and judging by Upik's excited recognition every time we pass the place, she enjoyed herself too. We look forward for the next Carnival. Until then!

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