Friday, March 14, 2014

Outing for Three: Dinner

Remember the mountain of pics and update I mentioned before? This is one of them, from sometime December last year, right before our holiday trip.

After all the mangrove tripping and horsing around with 'additional offspring', you'd think we laid the 'additional offspring' at rest.
On the contrary, this Mama & Daddy (and Kecil, of course, usually the instigator, what with all the announcing of our plans to the whole world....) seems to develop a taste for it.
So, we took the three girls out again for dinner by the bay. (The top picture was the scenery we enjoyed from our seats. So cool, right?)

Here's the three of them chatting while enjoying their appetiser.

The best part? When we asked the girls what it was that they were eating, the piped in: "Chicken!"

Ahem.... ow well.. I guess calamari caaaan taste a bit like chicken, despite the giveaway shape. Huh.

As for the rest of the food, let's just say by the time they arrived, the camera was already packed away in preparation for the rush for food. We did find out through the dinner about each girl's degree of selectiveness for food. Haha... am happy to report that Kecil was quite... 'normal', being neither the easiest nor the hardest to feed. The rest? Let's just keep that a state secret. Ha!

Once done with dinner, we made another stop, this time by the lagoon for some drinks. Nothing alcoholic, mind you, but definitely sugary enough to keep the kids pretty hyper.

It was a cute, enjoyable outing with three lovely little girls. This Mama is just wondering if they would be amiable to such outings when they are a bit bigger. Haha....
It remains to be seen if we were to do this kind of thing again in the future. I suppose I'll keep you posted for any other outings. Cheers!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chinese New year 2014...

... was over loooong time ago, I know. But I suspect you also know that #latepost is the modus operandi around here, so.... rather than wasting all these golden documentary.... better late than never.

This year's Chinese New Year found us at the same spot as last year, doing the exact same thing: waiting for the Lion and the Dragon.

And just like the previous year, the troupe was late, again. So, I guess if you want, you can also blame all these dragon and lions for setting such bad precedent.

Still, some good thing did come from all the wait, because we were joined by Kecil's friend, Mary from the neighbourhood.

So, together they watched the antics of the dragon and the lions.

With a friend in tow, Kecil became more daring this year. She actually went closer to the 'animals' to touch them. Also when there were goodies thrown around by the lions:

Braving the crowds, Kecil & Mari managed to get quite a loot of mints and coins. Haha... Then we went to get some ice cream:

And you think that that would be the end of it, right? Not quite. We went to the next mall, where another lion dance was scheduled.

It was not our first choice because, although the troupe there appeared pretty much on time, this mall was smaller, and MIGHTY crowded!

Still, the close quarters mean we got to have a VERY close look of the Lion, from a prime vantage point too:

... on Mama's & Daddy's shoulder, indeed. Haha...

For obvious reasons, we did not stay too long there. Man, they might be skinny, but at 5 and 6 years old, these kids still packed some weight!

Well, even with all the late 'modus operandi', late dragon/lion appearance, we did get to see our Lion dance to mark the Lunar New year. Let's say we are ready to ROAR this year, yes?
I think that's what Kecil was trying to say, anyway.

Cheers, and wishing you a good year of the Horse so far!

Sunday, March 2, 2014


2 weeks back, after a pretty busy week of school and activities, this Little One got sick.
A stomach flu bug, food poisoning, we were never certain what, but it knocked her feet off, sending her to plenty of sleeps during the two, three days that she was 'out'.

It's been a while since she last used this spot for her nap. This Mama did not think she would see this sight again, until Kecil got sick.
And so... for that week, this Mama just spent whole afternoons by her side, getting her to drink and eat what little she can...

... until she finally woke up and declared herself 'healthy'. Ha!

Joking. She got better slowly, sometime during the weekend. Some of her appetite returned, and she finally got back enough energy to start playing again. Why, she even started to 'demand' for her favourite food:

Kecil had since returned back to school, in full health, of course, and her Mama & Daddy breathed a collective relieved sigh, glad to have back our healthy, noisy, active (if just a tad naughty) little Girl.
We are definitely grateful that she gets well so quickly. Here's hoping that there are no more such episodes in the near future.
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