Monday, January 12, 2015

Walkies version 3.0

Well... so much about getting back on the saddle. I suppose Christmas holidays are simply not quite the season to get back into the saddle of any kind. What with all the prep work, holiday for the helper, festivities (even limited as it was), shopping amidst the deluge of visitor in our usually pretty quiet backwater..... all that on top of the regular daily tasks of keeping the house and taking care of everyone? Ha! And so there went our Christmas and New Year greetings. Ah well...

But again, things are looking up. Why, the other day Mama even took some pictures using the big camera on WALKIES! And so... while the baby is on break from her vocal experimentations (and boy, she's loud!), how about I share some of those pics?

So... with the addition of two extra feet to the walkies routine, we had to tweak our routine a bit. During the holidays, when Daddy took sometime off from work, we managed a few morning walkies with the WHOLE family. Huhuy! That was fun.

It was early in the morning, and the sun was not very strong yet. Around this time over here, it can get pretty cold, so Mama brought No. 2 using the sling in the hope that she would stay warm. Problem was, she kept growing. So, as she got heavier, it was time to use the stroller.

Upik seemed quite happy to be going for walkies. I am pretty sure it took some adjusting, specially because the ride is quite bumpy thanks to our less-than-smooth roads around the house. The main road is great, but in order to get to the main road, she has to spend at least 10 minutes on gravelly roads.
As for Kecil? Kecil seemed pretty stoked about her big-sister-responsibility. Still, being a kiddo still, she usually gave back the stroller to Mama once the road got harder (steep slope, uneven road and all that).

All these while, needless to say the Dog would be along, waiting with varying amount of exasperation for her 'siblings'.

During the past few days, the weather had been divine, with golden sunshine during late afternoons while the breeze blew. Kecil had been spending her holidays cycling around in her old bike, and so here was the circus that went for walkies the other day. Hey hey! Wait for me!!!!

Upik seemed quite content (I might say even intrigued) to watch the skies and the moving tree branches. We went to the usual playground where Upik watched her big sis on the monkey bar. This Mama do look forward to helping Upik learn the same trick next time. We didn't stay too long in the playground, though, because a certain miss got cranky when we stayed stationary for too long. Haha!

All in all, it was good to be back to familiar routine, and doubly good to be back using the big camera. This Mama shall then leave you with a greeting from the not so Tiny one. Cheers!

(Mama put on the scarf on the stroller because sometimes the sun would get in Upik's eye, even with the roof on. She was sooo fascinated with the scarf!)

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