Monday, March 7, 2016

Seeing double

This Mama feels like seeing double. The dress! The shoes! The girls! Let's not get started on the general bossiness... huh.

But, yes, we are very pleased to announce that Upik had grown enough to inherit that Crocky shoes of her sister. And also the batik dress. We may not keep ALL of Kecil's old clothes and shoes, but we do keep some of the better ones. And we do love these shoes.
The good thing about the shoes is that it was worn while Big Sis was still small. The shoes look almost brand new. I guess there is only so much damage a tiny toddler can do to a pair of shoes. Between their light weight and lighter activity, the shoes still win by a stretch. In comparison, Big Sis' shoes from when she was older were in no way fit to be passed along. I guess I shall enjoy 'reruns' of cherished items while it last, then. Cheers!

And just in case you really can't tell, the first 2 pics are of Big Sis, while the last 2 are of the Little One. *grin
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