Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I don't know if you notice the lack of playground photos lately. Partly because of the rainy season (there was actually this period when Kecil simply refused to take walkies thanks to all the rain!), but also because the playground was closed for renovation. What a bummer.
Not to mention that the renovation seems to be taking longer than necessary thanks to all the rain.

But today we actually found the gates unlocked! And so we ventured in, trying out the newly painted equipment. Kecil was very happy. Looking forward to more playground pics. Ha!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Zoo visit

Kecil may not get to ride horses as a birthday treat this year, but one sunny weekend, we did go out still, this time to visit the local zoo.
And of course, since it was somewhat in honor of her birthday, she had to wear her crown for the outing.

The zoo was subdivided into sections, starting with a small section meant to be travelled on foot, just off the entrance. The animals here were either held in cages, or small enclosure. We actually managed to feed some of the animals here.

Daddy got a turn to feed the birds, and then we moved on to this "petting zoo" which was a special enclosure where they kept some kids (the four-legged ones) and lambs. We actually bought a small bottle of milk to feed them, and the kids and lambs got so excited they were jumping all over Kecil, generally spooking the poor little girl. In the end Daddy had to carry her while Mama fed the lambs and kids.

Then we moved on with the tram to see the tigers!

Some of the tigers were held in a large enclosure, and we had to take a special jeepney to see them. The zoo actually encourage people to 'buy' the tigers food, a whole chicken, the price of which to be shared by passenger of each jeepney. This chicken (raw, but not alive!) was then fed to the tigers while we were in the jeepney through a special window.

It's kind of cool because we got to see the tigers really up close. We actually saw one of the tigers climbing up on the roof of the jeepney before us! This Mama can't help wondering, however, about how the whole flow and ebb of visitors (during peak and off peak periods) affect the whole feeding schedule of the tigers. What, do they get fed more when there are more visitors and less when there weren't any? Ah well.

Feeding with chicken was not only limited to tigers, by the way. Here Daddy was holding up a chicken quarter tied up to a stick to be given to the crocodiles. They at the whole thing, by the way, bones and all.

Well, soon enough we were done with all the attractions, and we ended our tour with a picture with the tiger cub, who had to be bribed with milk to pose. I'd say!
All in all it was a pretty fun day, even if it kind of leave Mama itching to go to other, bigger zoos. Perhaps next time. Until then!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shutter happy girls

Once in a while, various ships would find their way to the nearby harbor...
And once in a while, Mama and Kecil would make some time to visit and to take pictures. Just like when the hospital ship came by. Sometimes we would even come back for more. Just like this time.

We already dropped by to gawk at the ships before, you see, right after we finished with Family Day. But since we were already tired from all the games, we merely circled the area using the car. The second time, however, there were only Mama and Kecil (we were going to pick up Daddy from the airport, but that's another story), so we actually took our time, and our cameras.

Kecil's 'camera' and bag are actually part of the loot from the Family Day. So, yah... I guess we can safely say she's very happy with them, indeed.

So we came back with a pic of the ship:

Courtesy of 2 shutter happy girls:


Friday, October 12, 2012

Family Day

For this year's Skool Family Day, Kecil was part of the Yellow Team. Having participated in a similar event last year, I guess Kecil already knew what to expect this time round, and it's all good stuff. Look at that big smile!

So, that was our smiley Yellow team. Did you notice Mama's and Kecil's yellow touches?

Like last year, this year's Family Day was also held in indoor location. It was a good choice, indeed, as it provide the kids enough room to roam, run and generally create havoc, without fear that they would get lost or something. Trust me, the kids did make use of the whole gymnasium as their playground.
But first, once everybody was there, we started with the ice breakers.

After which we moved on to some REAL games, involving both the kids and at least one parent.

And more games.... this time with a cape and a halloween basket. Little Orange Riding Hood, you say?

The Yellow team did not emerge the champion team, even if we most certainly tried our best. All for winning the gifts for the Kids, of course, not because we are competitive or what. You can see Kecil was very happy indeed with her new toy.

As usual, the highlight of the day is the student performances. Kecil's been practicing for weeks for this, and I'd say she did very well indeed, way better than last year when she refused to dance.

Even better, Kecil is no longer terrified of the Skool mascot, showing a good amount of interest instead. Why, Mama and Kecil even manage to sneak a picture with the Bee!

It was a great, fun day for everyone concerned. Thank you to all the teachers for all the effort organizing the family day and to all the participants, both students, parents and other family members. We definitely look forward to more Skool activities later in the year.
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