Monday, May 12, 2014

The Bataan Peninsula: part 1

This story is kind of old, like... last year kind of old. But... the pictures were already lined up, so it just seemed like an easy story to do for a quick post while waiting for things. Hope you enjoy it.

It was a bright, sunny day, once upon a weekend, that we decided to go out for a drive around the peninsula close to town, just to see what was there. We got some stretches of solitary roads (in not too bad conditions!) with great view.....

... a mystery statue that totally look out of place in the country (with predominantly Catholic/Christian population and Muslim minority? We won't be surprised finding this kind of statue in Indonesia, but here?)....

So, of course, we had to take pics with the said monument, both to prove its existence as well as to provide some scale.

Next, we stumbled upon a beach where they were celebrating a festival in honour of the sea turtles, or pawikan in the local language. As you can see, they were having some sand monument building competition, with the turtles being the central theme. We did not stay at the beach for too long, though, on the account of the heat. Heat from the sun, heat off the sand.... I guess we are simply not very 'beachy' people. We are nice. Ahem....

There were some buildings nearby, which provides some facilities (toilets, showers, canteen) for the beach goers, as well as some informational stuff provided by the conservation efforts. The main attraction was a small pond in which a few turtles were kept. Some of them were really huge, and old, we were told. Well... turtles can live longer than humans, given favourable conditions, I suppose.

With the sun still pretty high in the sky by the time we finished admiring the turtles, we figured we have time for another spot, and we did. Somewhere amidst the rolling rice fields (small as they were. The fields, not the rice plants), we managed to find lunch and some buildings to examine. Perhaps we'll tell you in a different post, when another pocket of free time (plus some excess energy) presents itself to Mama.

I so do look forward to that. Cheers!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Monkey in the yard

There are drying poles in our yard, which we like, although it would appear that Mama & Kecil like the said poles for different reasons. Mama, for saving a huge load of electricity in drying the clothes; Kecil.... well... ahem... exercise?

Yup. Exercise, indeed. Early on a beautiful Sunday morning, at that, still in pyjamas and all.

Of course, that was not the only thing we have. You might recall we also have a coconut tree further in front. Let's just say that the tree did not escape being an object for 'exercises' as either.

I wonder who has been encouraging her.

Ah, yes. Caught red handed on camera. Haha....

Still... no harm done, and in return, we have a very cheerful little daughter. Let us just be grateful for all the opportunities that the house (and its facilities) present for the Little One.


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