Monday, December 10, 2012

Evening Drive

Somehow after our Homecoming, we managed to establish an evening routine in which Mama and Kecil would pick up Daddy from the office after work.
Somehow... because I guess it kind of play havoc with our usual schedule of walkies, no?
Perhaps, but we do get to enjoy different kind of sights, such as the lit up Christmas decoration on the main road...

and the Carnival on the other side of the road ..... (oh yeah... we've never done a post on the Carnival before, right? Soon... soon....)

Then the red light turned green, so we had to go. But not before we got a gem from the day's drive:

Oh yeah, that's Mama, all right, taking a pic of the Little One from the driver's seat while waiting for the red light (can you spot the traffic light? It's still red, right?). This is why Mama likes to have her bag (and thus, the camera) on the front seat: they are very accessible when you have moments such as these.


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